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All college students will gain from utilizing IBO Mathematics, and it does not necessarily must be taught in a class room surroundings. Students also love the versatility When numerous students choose classes which give a coordinated learning experience. Students May Understand www. The choice is all up to each student. IBO Mathematics can be learnt by students. These lessons are fantastic for busy students who need to learn at their own speed.

IBO Online Mathematics classes provide students the ability. To be able to attend all these kinds, students do not have to forfeit resources and time.

The clubs also supply an opportunity for those pupils interact and also to socialize with other pupils. IBO students be part and may sign up for. These nightclubs vary from topics, but usually comprise matters such as the environment, race relations, and also the Australian Aborigines. This permits college students to take advantage of counselling in regions that interest them the maximum. Parents can pick out of IBO Elementary lessons that offer exceptional tutoring for pupils. The instruction can enable students be much independent.

The courses are small, and also the coaches are skilled and skilled. Pupils have the choice of taking IBO Intermediate lessons that provide schooling that is advanced and supplemental. Teachers are dedicated to supporting students succeed.

They understand the importance of an individualized method of teaching which teaches pupils how to work in a society that is diverse. By the coziness of of their very own homes, IBO pupils can now simply take their courses Together with the debut of digital engineering. IBO pupils have been encouraged to make use of the technology into their own classes.

This is particularly valuable to students who would not have the capability to take pleasure in some great benefits of digital learning. The versatility provided by IBO arithmetic to get grade is just one of the reasons.

Students may research new chances by using the equipment of the class room, instruction, and also interactive applications available. It is likely to know in the maximum level.

Students should decide to attend IBO classes to be able to become able to receive the rewards associated with a well-rounded education. Some pupils may find IBO classes to become overly rigorous.

Students may choose an even more flexible schedule. IBO arithmetic supplies a special chance for college pupils to acquire a greater comprehension of the concepts of mathematics. These apps could support students acquire and maintain the knowledge needed to succeed in mathematics. Students may discover IBO Mathematics at the contentment of of their home or they could join a team that provides more hands on learning or an IBO q Club for online tutoring.

Sito web.Wuyckens, A. Giammanco, E. Cortina Gil and P. Demin, Phil. With cosmic-ray muons you can do almost anything. They can penetrate tens of metres of material, in some cases hundreds, and tell us what is inside producing a muograph, just like radiography or tomography are done with less exotic particles such as X-rays, gamma rays and positrons.

They are used in a variety of applications, from detecting nuclear contraband, hidden chambers in ancient pyramids, inner structure of volcanoes, and bedrock profile under the Aletsch glacier, to the quite recent measurement of the huge potential differences, exceeding one billion volts, present in some clouds during thunderstorms.

For many applications the size of the detecting surface is at a premium, e. However in some cases detectors have to be located in small cavities accessible by narrow tunnels and in remote places without any infrastructure, where a small, portable, robust and as autonomous as possible detector would be required.

All large high-energy physics experiments at accelerators have powerful muon detectors ready to open a window on new phenomena, beyond the expectations of the Standard Model of particle physics.

Researchers at UCL soon realized that they had at hand an ideal small-size detector to be used in difficult situations with cosmic-ray muons. RPCs can easily provide a space resolution better than 1 mm hard to obtain with a detector based on plastic scintillators and a time resolution better than 1 ns.

This novel detector is small, but it is easy to construct, with low construction costs, and able at the same time to provide good tracking precision. The so-called Muoscope prototype consists of four planes of RPCs made with high-resistivity glass plates gRPCwith 16x16 cm 2 read out by 0. Two pairs of gRPCs are located at a distance of about 15 cm. One peculiar characteristic in view of the applications is the absence of gas flow: the RPC elements are sealed, which demanded a strenuous fight against gas leaks.

By design this detector is compact, with a modest weight of about 50 kg including electronics and suppliesgas-tight, robust and easy to transport. The last two features were tested by shipping the detector to the Mars Desert Research Station in the Utah desert, as part of the UCLtoMars project, operating it there for a month with a single person, and getting it back in perfect operating conditions. Copyright: The Mars Society. Physics World Careers highlights the career opportunities for those with a background in physics and related subjects.

The latest guide contains helpful careers advice, real-life case studies and an extensive employer directory. Read more at physicsworld. Physics Worldthe membership magazine of the Institute of Physics, covers the big stories and key issues that matter to scientists in all parts of the world, with features from acclaimed physicists and science writers, comprehensive news and analysis, and incisive opinion pieces.

SIF Members will be able to access the monthly magazine, as well as the Focus issues and Special reports either with the Physics World app or directly via the web by authenticating with the credentials available in the SIF Members Area.

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I have a problem with authorized SSL connection. In my Action I am trying to send some data to bank server but without any luck, because I have as a result from server the following error:.

For the first time I thought this is a certificate problem, I converted it from. Since, the underlying failure cannot be pinpointed, it is better to switch on the -Djavax. With the debug switched on, you can pinpoint what activity in the handshake has failed. Based on the details now available, it appears that the problem is due to an incomplete certificate trust path between the certificate issued to the server, and a root CA.

In most cases, this is because the root CA's certificate is absent in the trust store, leading to the situation where a certificate trust path cannot exist; the certificate is essentially untrusted by the client. If the location of the trust store has been specified using the JVM system property javax.

Adding the server's certificate issuing CA to this trust store ought to resolve the problem. You can refer to my answer on a related question on getting tools for this purpose, but the Java keytool utility is sufficient for this purpose. Warning : The trust store is essentially the list of all CAs that you trust. The keystore and the truststores used by the JVM are usually listed at the very beginning, somewhat like the following:.

If the wrong truststore is used, then you'll need to re-import the server's certificate to the right one, or reconfigure the server to use the one listed not recommended if you have multiple JVMs, and all of them are used for different needs.

If you want to verify if the list of trust certs contains the required certs, then there is a section for the same, that starts as:. A series of entries will be reported when the connection is being initialized.

Note the cipher suites used. This might have to agree with the entry in your merchant. If the convention used is different, there is no cause of worry, for the ServerHello will state so, if the cipher suite is incompatible. The server responds with a ServerHello, that will indicate if the connection setup can proceed.

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Entries in the logs are usually of the following type:. Note the cipher suite that it has chosen; this is best suite available to both the server and the client.

Usually the cipher suite is not specified if there is an error. The certificate of the server and optionally the entire chain is sent by the server, and would be found in the entries as:. You'll need to figure out which step has failed, and post the appropriate message as an update to the question unless you've already understood the message, and you know what to do to resolve it.Filter by year: - - - During the financial year ended on 31st MarchDamiani S.

The Operating Profit amounted to Net profits increased by Its incidence on turnover amounted to 8. The Net Financial Position at 31st March amounted to Damiani S. John and Bliss, as well as the recently acquired Calderoni brand. Master craftsmen ever sincethe Damiani Group boasts a long-standing tradition in the art of goldsmithery which has always interpreted with an innovative spirit. It holds the unbeaten record of a good 22 Diamond International Awards 18 for Damiani and 4 for Calderoni.

Every jewel created by Damiani is handmade according to the finest craft tradition and the elegance of Italian style. With approximately employees, the Damiani group operates both in Italy and abroad through distribution companies that fully cover the European, American and Asian markets. The Group also has 51 own-brand stores located in the main fashion streets in Italy and throughout the world. This announcement is not an offer of securities for sale in the United States or elsewhere, nor shall there be any offer of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer or sale would be unlawful.

The securities referred to herein may not be sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration under the U. Securities Act ofas amended.

A novel electrical power transmission system

Any public offering of securities to be made in the United States will be made by means of a prospectus that may be obtained from Damiani S.

The distribution of this announcement and the offering or sale of the securities referred to herein in certain jurisdictions may be restricted by law.

Persons into whose possession this announcement comes are required to inform themselves of and to observe any such restrictions. Copies of this announcement are not being made and may not be distributed or sent into the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan. The information in this announcement does not constitute an offer of securities for sale in Canada, Australia or Japan.

A, parent company of the Damiani Group that designs, produces and distributes high-end jewellery in Italy and abroad, today approved the report for the first quarter of its financial year from 1 April to 31 Marchprepared in accordance with IFRS. For the quarter ended 30 JuneDamiani S. Net income increased by Results for interim periods are not necessarily indicative of results that may be expected for any other interim period or for a full year.

The Company does not expect similar results for successive interim periods of this fiscal year. John, Bliss and the recently purchased Calderoni. Sincethe Damiani Group has continued its tradition of high craftsmanship and quality of design, and has received 22 Diamonds International Awards 18 Awards to Damiani and 4 Awards to Calderoni.

Each piece of Damiani jewellery incorporates the tradition of master goldsmiths and maintains an unmistakable Italian style. New YorkDamiani Japan K. Damiani Group jewellery is showcased in 51 single-brand stores in the fashion centres of the world.

Milan, Star: DMNthe parent company of the Damiani Group, a creator, producer and distributor of luxury and designer jewels in Italy and abroad, today approved the consolidated half-year report at 30 September which includes second quarter figures.

Group consolidated turnover was A — Premesse 9 1. B — Offerta formativa 11 1. C — Iscritti 1. D — Diritto allo studio e agevolazioni 1. E — Servizi in entrata 1. F — Servizi in itinere 26 43 45 51 1. G — Servizi in uscita e job placement 1. H — Premi di studio e di laurea 1. M — Risultati delle rilevazioni delle opinioni degli studenti A — Premesse 89 2. B — Progetti di ricerca 2. C — Commissione per la valutazione della ricerca CVR 95 95 2. F — Scheda unica annuale ricerca dipartimentale A — Premesse 99 3.

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B — Brevetti 3. C — Fare impresa 3. E — Terza missione culturale e sociale 3. F — Sistema bibliotecario 3. G — Sistema museale. Mantenere il ruolo di Research University.

R elazione del M agnifico R ettoRe 7. Fare del valore e del merito gli elementi fondamentali per progredire. Rispetto al set di indicatori previsti dal Piano Strategiconei diversi paragrafi ne sono stati inseriti anche di ulte riori, che vengono quindi presentati in questa sede per la prima volta.

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Ogni anno viene organizzato il Welcome Day per i neo-immatricolati, in cui vengono fornite informazioni utili per la carriera dei dottorandi. Sono stati redatti tutorial per i candidati e apposite linee guida per le commissioni. I seminari sono stati diffusi in streaming e videoregistrati.

La Summer School ha totalizzato 31 ore frontali e 24 ore di workshop in inglese. La fase di servizio di accoglienza si conclude con la predisposizione del Piano di Azione individuale PAI nel quale ven gono individuati tutti i servizi post accoglienza. Al momento della sottoscrizione del PAI il destinatario non deve essere occupato e non deve frequentare un regolare corso di studi o di formazione e, solo per le misure di carattere formativo, devono essere residenti in FVG.

I Corsi intendono, inoltre, costituire un percorso di cittadinanza attiva per donne e uomini. I contenuti del percorso avanzato si sono proposti di esaminare le tematiche di cui sopra dal punto di vista politologico, storico, sociologico, economico, giuridico e filosofico. Scienze economiche, aziendali, matematiche e statistiche Ingegneria e architettura Scienze della vita. Titolo del grafico Dei To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Education and Diversity: Theoretical and Practical Issues. Cinzia Pica-Smith. BOVA, L. GILI, L. MORA, G. MORO, G. MEDA, M. PAIS, C. MEDA, C. Info e vantaggi per gli abbonati su www. Gregory, Gli imprevisti della Riforma. Donati, M. The first part of the paper focuses on a critical analysis of interculturalism as a conceptual and political framework.

We propose an analysis of interculturalism and its stated multilayered goals, which are often ambiguous, in tension with one another, and diver- gent. In the second part of the paper, we focus our analysis on the sociological, educational philosophy, and pedagogical extensions and manifestation of the intercultural framework.

Here, too, we focus on problematizing the conceptual framework illustrating parallel problem dynamics. Finally, we conclude our paper with a third part, an empirical case study in Italian schools. The qualitative study we high- light was carried out in nineteen Italian schools with 87 educators 68 teachers and 19 administrators and takes an in-depth look both at intercultural education as practiced by Italian educators. As Barret notes, this diversity may manifest differently in different social contexts across the globe.

Email: rm. Email: cpicasmith assumption. This diversity dynamic may appear different than for countries whose residents are increasingly diverse due to global migration patterns, which have brought people of different nationalities together.

Regardless of the pro- cess by which countries are culturally diverse, multiculturalism is a framework that came about to respond to the challenges and possibilities of diverse communities as an alternative to assimilationism in the s. Central to multiculturalism are recognizing and valuing difference and cultural diversity and championing the rights of historically marginalized peoples Taylor ; Kymlicka ; Criticism of multicultural policies have been present since the framework began to be implemented and operationalized, although many scholars Kymlicka would argue they were never given on opportunity to be fully implemented to begin with.

Yet, these criticisms have grown stronger and more political since the turn of the 21st cen- tury. Vertovec and Wessendorf outline the tactics used to cement this political rhetoric against multiculturalism and offer a thematic analysis of these. One of the the- mes or narratives they identify is the misguided notion that multiculturalism fostered separateness.

Another important theme is that which understands multiculturalism as stifling debate. Critiques using this narrative suggest that in a context such as this, it is impossible to speak frankly about and address issues related to race and immigration, for example, for fear of being offensive or being labelled a racist. Yet another prominent narra- tive is that multiculturalism refuses common values.

Moreover, another prominent and dangerous nar- rative is that multiculturalism supports reprehensible practices.Con il secondo appuntamento della rubrica "Cronache da New York" Labsus inaugura la partnership con la Fondazione dei parchi urbani di New York.

Guarda il video dell'intervista. What is your role in the City Parks Foundation? Our program serves people across NYC. What is the goal of your organization? Partnerships for Parks as a joint program of the city and a nonprofit organization is here to help, grow and support sustainable community groups and activity in NYC parks across the city. We engage everyday people from across NYC who care about their parks in their neighborhoods and we provide many different types of skill building opportunities, grants, staff support to help and develop a community based group to care for their local park.

All the programs we develop have to be discussed and planned by both City Parks Foundation and the Parks Department so we meet with the leadership from both the City Government and City Parks Foundation on a regular bases to discuss our plans for engaging communities in parks across the city.

There is an ongoing conversation between the city and between people and City Parks Foundation about what kinds of programs they can bring to community parks. How do you involve the local communities in your projects? We involve people in a number of ways. The first thing is that when we are thinking about the kinds of resources to develop for people we want to know what is most needed so instead of just creating a program without speaking to anyone in the public we will take the time to produce service where ask people what kind of resources they need and they want.

We try to bring people together with the decision makers from the Parks Department so that they can have conversations about what the community is interested in for their local park. We gather input from people both we also make sure that people are speaking with the Government to be a part of the decisions they are taking place about their parks in their neighborhoods.

Have you some local partners, for example schools or other nonprofit organizations? We have many partners throughout NYC. We also work with our community partners so we have hundreds and hundreds of community based organizations.

There are many of which that are right informal they are not a c3 organization, as we say here, but they are just groups of neighbors that come together regularly to plan programs, to fundraise, to make their park as great as it can be and to involve other neighbors with the idea that there is always a sort of working to grow their networks and people are taking care of those parks. Do you manage all parks in NYC? We work in official NYC parks spaces that could be anything from a regular park as we think of it, with a playground or ball fields, to beaches.

Can you tell us some projects that you realized? Something was really important to the local community was the renovation and reconstruction of High Bridge which is the oldest bridge in NYC, used to carry water from Upstate New York into NYC, it was also a pedestrian bridge so people could walk from Manhattan over the water into the Bronx.

It took many years of advocating and fundraising until the Mayor and some other politicians committed millions of dollars to having it restored and so last year we accomplished that project and this past summer we celebrated the reopening of this historic bridge.

It was a long process but it was one of the most exciting and significant victories I think, for the public working with the Government to really make an important change in a park space in two communities that really saw this vision realized.

How do you finance your projects? Have all projects to be economic self sustaining? In Partnerships for Parks we have money to find our work through the Government so we have public funding but we also have private funding through City Parks Foundation. We also, through trainings and workshops, show people different ways to fundraise so that they have the money that they need to buy materials for the work that they are doing.

How do you promote the citizens empowerment? We have citizens that are from here, live here, we also have people that have businesses, people that are in New York for maybe a brief period of time so we engage all New Yorkers as long as they care about their neighborhood and their park.

When we are thinking about access I think the most important form of empowerment is helping people to be a part of decisions.

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We feel that by connecting people to decision makers and by providing the skills and tools we can really create very dynamic assets for communities in parks and green spaces. According to you, in a particular city like New York is the shared care of public spaces a good solution for people integration?

Especially in a big city we really have a treasure, green spaces for a health both physically and emotionally and we can use common spaces like parks to connect people.

When you bring groups of people together you find there common desires and common interests. How much is the external communication important in your work? Communication is very important. We want to make sure number one that people know that we are here; our primary focus is to support people and to connect people with the Parks Department so we have to make sure that people know that we are here and what kind of resources we have to offer.

We have staff that everyday go to neighborhoods across NYC meeting with people, talking to people, going to the park with people and spending time with their family and having conversations with them about what we have to offer.